Seizure disorders – A complete guide on proper dosage

The seizure is a kind of state where our nervous system gets affected and it will lead us to unconsciousness. Klonopin and Clonazepam are the drugs that help in preventing and curing this prolonged disease. It stabilizes your brain and body when you have the right amount of intake. Generally, proper dosage of Klonopin is used to cure the disease of sleeping sickness.

Seizure Disorders

This medication should be done as per the prescribed dosage as recommended by the physician. The dosage is not recommended for people under the age of 18 as it may cause alarming side effects.

  • For Adults

The intake limit should be monitored and limited to 1.5 mg per day. It can also be split into 3 dosages in-accordance with the body conditions of an individual. The highest amount of dosage for this particular medication should not exceed above 20 mg per day.

  • Pediatric Patients

For pediatric persons and people with other medical problems should minimize the intake below the normal levels to keep them under control. The threshold point for this drug for those patients would be 0.5mg per day (0.1 mg to 0.3 mg, which would be considered normal).

Due to overdosage and reverse reactions, some of the common side effects related to seizure disorders might occur such as breathing problems, increased amount of headache, drowsiness, failure of kidney and liver functionalities, and lot more. It’s been informed that consumption of alcohol, long driving, lifting heavy equipment may cause further difficulties during the course of this medicine. The maximum time limit for seizures is around 2 minutes.

  • Geriatric patients

For elderly people over 65 years of age, frequent usage of this drug will lead to addiction and will pave the way to high blood pressure, allergies, heart problems and can lead to death too. They can start with the least dosage available. Therefore, Self-medication should be strictly prohibited as it will severely affect your body conditions drastically.


To buy Klonopin, they are commonly available in local druggist shops and also online. Skipping the medicine abruptly will show immediate withdrawal symptoms like allergies, loss of stability, and so on. The occurrence of seizures can be classified into different categories like Atonic, Clonic, Absence, Tonic, and other types. The abnormal medication can cause major health issues such as fear, loss of consciousness, frequent state of confusion, and could end up in a coma too. To lower down the levels of stress and anxiety, these prevalent sleeping doses are taken to provide deep and sound sleep. But the levels of anxiety medications should be monitored frequently to avoid serious issues.